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Recycling and Trash

Recycling Trash services.
Clark Township Trash/Recycle Center

The new Trash and Recycle Center located at 100 N. Mission Trail, east on M-134, just past Hill Island Road opened on May 2, 2014.

Each parcel of property is allowed to bring up to (4) 33-gallon bags of household trash per week to the center. A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday. Each parcel is also allowed an UNLIMITED volume of QUALIFIED RECYCLABLE items to be dropped off at the Recycle Center.

Clark Township Trash and Recycle Center
Hours of Operation

Sunday and Monday
Noon to 7:00 pm

Friday and Saturday
8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Open Memorial Day
and Labor Day

Each recycling station accepts the following items individually:

- Household Garbage
- Cardboard Only
- Tin/Aluminum Only
- Glass Only
- Paper & Plastic Only
- Special Items (Fee based)

The order of how items are accepted above, may help you decide the manner you wish to separate your items at home.

Links below are in .pdf format for viewing and/or printing.

Qualified Recyclable Items
Printable List of Accepted Recyclable Items
(Free of charge)
Fee Based Pricing List
Printable List of Accepted
Household Material

There are two alternative trash sites to be used ONLY when the Trash and Recycle Center is closed. These sites will be available seasonally from May 1 thru October 31. If trash is overflowing, left loose or distributed by birds, this service will be suspended. The dumpster's are located at the far SW corner of the Cedarville Launch Ramp Parking Lot and the NW corner of the Hessel Marina Parking Lot.

If you are serviced by the Community of Les Cheneaux, you are provided the option to buy into our self-serve trash and recycle program for the same millage rate as Clark Township Residents. Please bring your most recent tax bill to the Clark Township Treasurer's Office to arrange buy-in service.

Smith Sanitation will take additional items, not included in the program. See Smith Sanitation's Fee Schedule which will be posted at the Recycling Center.

An information sheet on "qualified recyclables" is available on-site, at the Clark Township Offices, and as a download from this page.
 Waste Removal and Recycling
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